Christy Sheppard

Christy Sheppard is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Ada, Oklahoma. She has been an advocate for victims of crime and criminal justice reform for many years.  Her own family has dealt with the complex issues regarding the death penalty after her cousin, Debbie Carter, was murdered in 1982.  Ms. Sheppard has testified before the Oklahoma legislature as well as other state legislators. She has participated in many documentaries and spoken all over the country, including before the National Institute of Justice, International Chiefs of Police, Office of Victims of Crime, and the Innocence Project advocating for positive change.  Ms. Sheppard is currently on the advisory board of the non-profit Healing Justice Project, a group focused on restoring those affected by wrongful conviction, started by rape survivor Jennifer Thompson of North Carolina. She is also currently working on development of trainings and support for both victims and exonerees here in Oklahoma.