Gena Timberman

For nearly 20 years, Gena Timberman has committed her professional career to the pursuit of planning and guiding cultural projects in Indian Country toward successful completion.  From 1999-2013, she championed the dream to build an American Indian Cultural Center and Museum in Oklahoma.  She has been mentored by some of Indian Country’s top leaders, and she has worked closely with city, state, county, federal and tribal governments in varied matters of site and project development.  As director of the Native American Cultural & Educational Authority, Ms. Timberman led the development of a nearly 300-acre site on the Oklahoma River envisioned to be the future home of a world-class cultural destination, a landscaped and programmed park and trails system, commercial development and visitor welcome center. In 1996, Ms. Timberman graduated from Oklahoma State University with a B.A. in English.  She received the Outstanding Contribution to the Native American Community award.  In 1999, she graduated from the University Of Oklahoma College Of Law and currently focuses her practice on Indian Country business development relative to cultural tourism and managing issues related to cultural projects and museum administration. Over the years, Ms. Timberman has provided a multitude of local, statewide, national and international public keynote speeches, presentations and lectures on project development and management, as well as Oklahoma tribal cultures, cultural tourism, and economic development in Indian Country. In 2013, Ms. Timberman formed Luksi Group, LLC, a consulting business that provides cultural direction for creative design in Indian Country projects.  Ms. Timberman is most recently engaged in facilitating the planning of the Choctaw Cultural Center for the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.