Kris Steele

Kris Steele is executive director of TEEM (The Education and Employment Ministry), a nonprofit dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty and incarceration in Oklahoma. TEEM offers educational opportunities, character development courses, job training and employment placement assistance to individuals reentering the community. Steele also serves as the chair of Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform, a coalition comprised of community groups, business leaders, health professionals and faith leaders dedicated to advancing effective approaches to public safety by increasing access to treatment and programs designed to address root causes of crime. Speaker Steele earned a bachelor’s degree in Religion from Oklahoma Baptist University, and master’s degree in Education from East Central University. Prior to joining TEEM, he served as state representative from 2000-2012, and speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives for the 53rd Legislature. During his tenure in office, Speaker Steele led the charge on a number of reforms in the areas of health care, human services and criminal justice. He and his wife, Kellie, are blessed with two daughters, Mackenzie (13) and Madison (11), and currently reside in Shawnee.